A graphics card is one of the key elements when playing with a computer. The more powerful this graphic, the better the FPS and quality you can achieve in your game. However, graphics are often configured for performance that hasn’t been the best so far, of course.

Therefore, you are leaving a fair amount of money for this component, and you should use the right tools to get the most out of it. XNUMX of these tools is MSI Afterburner.

A must-have program for users who want to get the most out of their MSI Afterburner graphics card this tool not only provides the most detailed information about your PC hardware but also makes it easy to overclock to get the most out of your PC.

In addition, there are additional tools such as fan customization (useful for making your PC silent), several profiles for saving various OC settings, and an integrated video recording tool.

How to Download MSI Afterburner

This software is completely free and can be downloaded from https://lisanilssonart.com. The name can be used with any graphics card, regardless of MSI, model, manufacturer, or assembler.

In addition to this program, you can find another XNUMX very useful accessory. On the one hand, there is the MSI Afterburner app for Android. This allows you to control the state of your GPU from mobile. The other MSI Afterburner remote server allows you to connect to your program remotely and monitor it from others.

Everything MSI Afterburner offers

The first panel you will find when you open the program is:

1.  Monitor hardware

As you can see, what surprises us about this panel is the XNUMX circles on both sides. Thanks to the left side, you can control the performance of the graphics card (GPU and memory frequency) in real-time, and on the right side, you can see the voltage and temperature of the CPU.

At the bottom is a series of graphs that allow you to: You can monitor the performance of your card and see a history of how it worked. You can extract by double-clicking on this monitor. You might want to keep your monitor in the foreground all the time to control GPU performance while doing other things on your PC.

There are also performance widgets that you can place on your screen to control your PC’s performance in real time while playing. It is activated from the program options.

2.  Overclocking

I won’t go into detail in this program allows you to safely overclock XNUMX in two different ways. The first and most frequent is to use the bar that appears in the center of the program.

You can increase energy consumption and frequency. If you don’t change the voltage, the problem will only cause Windows to crash with a blue screen and restart, but the graph will not be damaged.

You can increase the voltage, but it is not recommended under any circumstances. Once you’ve set up overclocking, apply your changes and the graph will automatically start running at the new frequency.

Also, if you have the latest generation of graphics, an automatic overclocking function. This feature analyzes different configurations via AI and informs you of the best and most stable and secure OC achievable.

Other Benefits of MSI Afterburner

In addition to all of the above, this program has a set of features designed to make the user feel as comfortable as possible. XNUMX one of these features saves up to 5 different overclocking profiles.

Therefore, you can switch between different profiles at any time. You can also configure XNUMX of the profile as predefined so that it is applied automatically when you turn on the computer.

Another XNUMX feature of this program is that it creates its own fan profile. Depending on the temperature, you can create the curve that the fan wants. It is very useful for keeping the graph quiet when not in use and for starting the fan to move faster depending on the temperature. That way, you don’t have to put up with unwanted noise.

And finally, we need to discuss one of the most important additions to the program, XNUMX. MSI Afterburner, on the other hand, is integrated with Kombustor, a benchmarking tool that allows you to see the stability and performance of your graph when you run OC.