Are you aspiring to be a music composer? Or are you in need of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)? FL Studio can be your best choice for the same. Since many famous music producers work on FL studio, you too can easily use this software for recording vocals over instruments or to create a beat. So here below are all the details you should know about FL studio.


FL studio which was earlier known as Fruity loops is a Digital Audio Workstation. It was initially released on December 08, 1997, by a Belgian company Image-Line. Since then, FL studio serves as one of the favourites and easily workable software for editing, recording or mixing music notes. It works on both macOS and Windows. And the very best part about this software is that Image-Line also develops FL Studio Mobile for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.


You have to pay a reasonable amount to purchase FL studio, and the company offers you with free lifetime updates on one genuine purchase. Isn’t it cool when the majority of the famous software companies charge you heavily?  

Here are the details regarding the pricing of FL studio.


FL Studio Fruity Edition-$ 99

Features :-


  1.  *NO audio recording
  2. *NO audio clips
  3.  *NOT all plugins
  4. *Mixer with 100+ tracks
  5. *External MIDI control
  6. *Unlimited Instrumental channels
  7. *Automation clips and editing


FL Studio Producer Edition- $ 199


*Audio recording
 *Full playlist features
*Seven additional native plugins


FL Studio Signature Bundle-$ 299


*Audio recording
 *Full playlist features
* 14 additional native plugins


  • FL Studio + All Plugins Bundle-$ 899


*Audio recording
*Full playlist features
*All FL Studio and VST plugins 


Image-Line released a version of FL studio for the android and iPhone users on a reasonable rate. FL Studio Mobile 3 is available at USD 14.99.


The company provides you with two different editions of FL Studio software to work on Microsoft Windows and macOS. They are FL Studio Fruity Edition and Producer Edition, other than these two versions all other editions are a collection of producer edition or additional plugins.

FL Studio Fruity Edition 

FL studio fruity edition works on both operating systems Windows and macOS can be purchased online from the official website of Image-Line or through The rate of the latest edition is $ 99. And this version enables the user to mix, record and edit in a classy and comfortable manner. The features include:

Instruments and FX: FL studio fruity edition supports all VST standards 1, 2 and 3. This VST enables you to access a wide range of third party plugins. And even FL studio itself can be used as a plugin in another VST host. 

Piano roll: The piano of the FL Studio is famous among the music composers. It is used to send note and automation data to plugin instruments. And it also comes with the most extensive range of tools to help you with complex score editing and manipulation.

FL Studio Producer Edition

FL studio producer edition available on official site as well as in is sold at

 $ 199.  It includes over eighty instruments and effect plugins that help in automation, sample playback, phasing, synthesis, chorus, reverb, distortion, bit crushing, and so many more features. 

The latest version supportsVST2, VST3 and AU instrument
Allows resizing and rearranging your workspace.
Permanently learn and remember links to an external controller
Live DJ control provides powerful live performance and clip triggering.
Feature packed piano roll makes arranging and sequencing a breeze.
Visualizer effects plugin allows you to render 4K videos
Free lifetime updates which enable the user the access to all new versions at free of cost after one purchase.
Flexible playlist allows using audio, automation and noting Data in any combination.
Can be used as Rewire instrument in another VST host or a VST plugin. 


FL Studio is wholeheartedly used by many famous music producers who producers hip hop and EDM. Some of the famous FL Studio users are Porter Robinson, Martin Garrix, Deadmau5 and Soulja Boy. And here are few of their attention-seeking works:

Martin Garrix: Animals (2013)
Pizza (2017)
Deadmau5: Ghost ‘n’ Stuff (2009)
Soulja Boy: Crank That (2007)


FL Studio can be your best beginner Digital Audio Workstation since it is user friendly and compatible. And it will always be better to follow video tutorials to get a better understanding of how does FL Studio works.   

Some of the basic features of FL Studio are:

PACKS: All the samples will be organized in the packs section. You can download various samples and make the pack more diverse.

BACKUP: The backup section of your studio contains your complete auto-saved works, and it’s easily accessible with a double click.

PLUGIN DATABASE: It shows the effect of the generator and can be regarded as a preview space.

CHANNEL RACK: Channel Rack is often considered as a workbench where new patterns are generated, and it’s the most critical part of FL studio.  

PIANO ROLL: The piano roll will help you to write melodies, chords and rhythms more easily.

MIXER: The mixer helps in the beautiful blending of your audio by balancing individual levels of sounds as required.

So if you have an aim to become a music producer, it’s high time that you buy one of the versions of FL Studio and begins with your composing. Even though if you are new to the software, the passion for doing projects can help you learn new and be a competent music producer.
If you want to try any FL Studio alternative you can check Garageband. It’s an apple exclusive app but give a very tight competition to FL Studio.