Download MSI Kombuster for PC Windows 7/8/10

MSI Kombustor is a potent benchmarking software, which assists in testing the limits of the graphic card. It proffers the valuable insights about the state of your graphics processing unit. With the help of MSI Kombustor, you come across the various statistics and the capabilities of your graphics.

Over the years, it has managed to become an unrivalled software to test the abilities of your GPU card. When it comes to examining the aptness of your GPU cards, MSI Kombustor is the first software which pops up in the mind of numerous people.

Download MSI Kombustor for PC

It is extensively used by dozens of people. Not only the PC users or hardcore gamers, but several developers also utilize it in order to optimize their real-time rendering apps for several levels of the graphic processing unit.

Built from the ground up, MSI Kombustor is easy to use. But, it does not provide many features to the users. People can choose between the available tests presented in the software.

What is MSI Kombustor?

MSI Kombustor is an exclusive software by MSI, which can be utilized to push your graphic card to its limits. It assists in testing the performance, stability of a GPU card. Apart from this, it has the ability to support Vulkan and OpenGL.

MSI Kombustor Features

MSI Kombustor provides a total of three tests, Fractal Frame (GL3), Wavy Plane (GL2), and the Triangle of death (Gl2). You need to set the favoured rendering application program interface (API), (OpenGL 2, OpenGL 3, OpenGL 3D 9, Direct 3D 11, Direct 3D 11). There are few modes to choose from in order to perform single benchmark run or long turn GPU run. These modes include rendering and anti-analyzing mode.

Benchmark Test

The benchmark allows the users to analyze the level of performance of their installed GPU card. In result, it provides the score so that you can compare it with other GPUs, or with the other alternatives like overclocking levels of the previously tested GPU.

Burn-in Test

It is a prolonged test, which often takes a lot of time. Under this test, your GPU will be tasked under in order to render the complex workload and needs to balance that massive load to prove if it can be worked at the peak performance for as long as required by the user.

If you wish to check out the quality of your GPU card and its details such as overclocking settings, you may leave your GPU to perform this test for a couple of hours, and sometimes it can take an entire day.

LED Controller Support

MSI Kombustor also offers this feature as a bonus. It has slim support for the LED controller, which manages the illumination built-in to your graphic card. The levels of the illumination will be tied to the usage of GPU.

Requirements for the MSI Kombustor

  • Minimum of 1 GB ram is required to run it without lags.
  • You can use any type of graphic card, to begin with, the testing.
  • The minimum size on your disk must be 100 MB or more to successfully download and install the application.
  • MSI Kombustor works fine with both 32 and 62 bit. You must have the operating system of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

How to Download MSI Kombustor?

Following are the steps that need to be implemented carefully in order to download the MSI Kombustor on your PC.

1. There are many websites available on the internet to download the MSI Kombustor, but it is recommended to get it installed officially.

2. After finishing with the download process, select the downloaded file where it has been saved. Extract it using Winrar and click on the MSI MSI Kombustor set up.

3. Now, look out for the MSI Kombustor file and double click to launch the process.

4. Thoroughly follow the outright installation steps, and make sure you have successfully installed it.

5. That’s it. You are good to go now. The user-interface of the software is user-friendly, simple, and clean, and it performs its activities very well to stress your laptop or computer. Just open the software, select the desired feature, run the test, sit back and relax, you will get to witness the results shortly.